Suffolk AeroModelers became an official AMA chartered club November 25, 1985. Many of the original organizers remained in the club until they passed away.

Our members come from all walks of life, older, younger, veterans, trades people, lawyers, doctors, local business owners, licensed full scale pilots, male and female.

Everyone is welcome to join up. Our members have ranged from 8 to 80, novice to advanced. New members are always welcome – if you don’t know how to fly or what to buy, our instructors are here to teach and advise. Our flying site is maintained and paid for by the membership.

Visitors are welcome to watch and ask questions. For Insurance and Safety reasons, non AMA visitors can not travel beyond the picnic tables while planes are flying.

UPDATE : Unfortunately for our club as well as those spectators who enjoyed watching us, we have been displaced due to the building of rental cabins where we flew for almost 40  years. This was a decision made by Gov. Cuomo and Parks Commissioner, Rose Harvey to spend taxpayer dollars to construct these rental cabins. The DEC didn’t have a problem with the construction of these cabins, yet after we co-existed with the wildlife at Hecksher for almost 40 years without issue, have decided Suffolk AeroModelers should only have very limited use of a very restricted area of the park for fall & early winter.

The DEATH of yet another Long Island RC flying club due to a loss of it’s site:

They told us they would work with us, find another spot for us and provide a paved runway like the one we bought and paid for. Here’s how that worked out, notice the time frame how quickly they ‘worked’ with us.

                After almost 40 years of being outstanding permit paying patrons, 

Field 9 CLOSED  Permanently – due to construction of  ‘rental cabins ‘.     Relocated us to the ‘Mosquito Field’.   Effective  6/2017

Mosquito Field CLOSED PERMANENTLY to flying due to noise complaints.       Relocated us to Field 8.     Effective 8/2017

Field 8 –  LIMITED flying Fall/Winter until April  due to the Piping Plover.
FIELD 8 vehicle access is restricted to members with permit only, this is strictly enforced.

Flying of electrics only, spring/summer, across from Park office.   (90% of our permit paying members) Gas & Nitro airplanes are NOT permitted.   Effective 3/2018

 Guest pilots are required to get approval from a club officer first, prior to coming to the field. Guest pilots will be issued a pass so other members at the field are aware that the proper permission was given.

All pilots are required to carry a current AMA card and Park Permit with them while active at the field.   All aircraft being flown are required to have BOTH – AMA ID and FAA registration on the aircraft.

Our monthly meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Brookwood Hall Senior Center, located at 50 Irish Lane in East Islip. Irish Lane can be accessed from Union Blvd or Main St. (27A)

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